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Create Authentic Campfire Experiences With Your Custom Fire Pit

Colorado Custom Fire Pits feature artistically handcrafted steel log sets for propane and natural gas fire pits which are hassle free and no maintenance.

The life-like appearance of our handmade functional steel sculptures and gas fire pits offer a lifetime of use.  Unlike ceramic logs that come from a factory over seas, our steel log sets are hand crafted in Colorado, and they look and feel like a real wood fire.

Artistic handmade steel log sets and natural gas or propane fire pits.  They include one of a kind, life like intricately detailed whole logs, split logs, pinecones, branches, sticks and twigs.  These are gas fire pit installations that bring a Colorado campfire to your backyard, patio, gathering place or business.  These easy to use fire pits combine artistic craftsmanship and solid steel construction to ensure that you are able to enjoy the serenity of being around the campfire with out having to do all the work!  Unlike a wood fueled fire these gas fire pits are no mess, no smoke, and no hassle.  We create tranquil campfire settings that are so authentic looking you and your guests will be amazed that they are made of steel and not actual wood.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the nostalgia of being around a campfire, enjoying life, with 100% ease of use and pure satisfaction.

We offer four models of log sets to fit a variety of budgets.  Each is made to order and fully customizable to fit any shape or size fire pit.  Our top model has the option for complete customer input to aid in the design of the log set.  This includes, the height of the log set, the placement of the logs, which logs to use and other features like number of pinecones and pine needles.  We believe our functional steel sculptures are a thing of beauty to be admired both day and night and we are sure you will too!


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Colorado Custom Fire Pits makes the most incredible looking fire pits I have ever seen. An awesome balance of art and function.
— Grant Davis
All my neighbors rave about my gas fire pit and steel log set from Colorado Custom Fire Pits. It’s always the center point of the party.
— Luella D'Angelo
Colorado Custom Fire Pits creates a wonderful patio experience.
— Mitchell Reed
The life like appearance of these steel log sets is so realistic, my wife and kids both thought it was real wood! These outdoor gas fire pits are truly a work of art and thing of beauty!
— Evan Sartin


We provide the highest quality steel log sets and outdoor gas fire pits for the best price possible. We never compromise quality for time and our clients are our number one priority. We strive for honest customer service, and make sure our clients are getting exactly what they want in a easy, fun process.


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About Us

We are a small family run business

Being native to Colorado, Colorado Custom Fire Pits saw how people really enjoyed the nostalgia of being around a campfire.  We saw how often, and particularly in the winter, people would have to go through the tiresome process of gathering, splitting and starting a fire for family and friends to gather around.  Noticing how time consuming, smelly and messy this  process was we decided that we could combine our artistic craftsmanship, with our love for sitting around a campfire to create the best Steel Log Sets and Outdoor Gas Fire Pits.